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Last Updated: December 18, 2007

Privacy matters... or does it?

Personal information is now more accessible than ever on the internet, but the security and policies that protect it has not kept up. Its only a matter of time before you can find out anything about anyone.

eBay sued over contact lenses

eBay is being sued in the UK over the illegal sale of contact lenses on its website, despite the fact the eBay TOS bans this.

Australias Most Deadly Animals

Write the perfect press release
Tips for writing the perfect press release.

8 tips to increase sales
So often sales men and woman are the very people that prevent themselves from obtaining additional sales and increasing their commissions. It doesn't matter if it's counter sales or simply door-to-door.

History of the watch
A history of the modern day watch, from the earliest mention to the latest information.

Indian Call Center Security
Is information security becoming a casualty in India's booming call centres as they drive down costs to keep themselves competitive for foreign clients?

Preparing business documents
Preparing especially important documents can make or break the company. Small errors can make major disasters. Everything is up to the persons responsible. It would not be an understatement to say that the future of businesses and companies lies in the hands of the people preparing these documents. And the prints.

Accounting Firms
Listing of UK accounting firms. becoming Big Brother
Any review you post on the website could one day find its way into a huge database used by the company to suggest future gifts and reminders.

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